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EOC replacement league thread



  • You suck. Ray is a golden god.
  • But I beat him in the fantasy fooseball!
  • You suck. Ray is a golden god.

    Thanks Bryan. I let him win anyway.
  • You suck. Ray is a golden god.

    Thanks Bryan. I let him win anyway.

    Twitter @Vernson
  • PPR - Michael Floyd against Denver or Hopkins vs my Cowboys? Hmmmmm.....
  • I don't like either but both teams will likely be throwing

    Floyd has the better QB
  • I have a hard time trusting Stanton. Really wish Palmer was healthy.

    As much as the Cowboys D has played above expectations they still are not very good, at all. I hate making these decisions!
  • Lol part of the game of fantasy
  • I am loving this seaosn of 11OC football....mainly because I have not been sucking. Apart from losing to my arch nemesis Moop, I had had success. (Joel - I WILL win our sidebet!!!)

    Fun season so far.
  • good season so far yes! tho my hot start is starting to go off the rails into the pits tho… guess Captain Autodraft can only do so much with what the Yahoo! overlords provide.
  • At least you have someone to blame
    I only have myself
  • This season has been rough so far... hoping the trade can juice my team a bit.
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  • I haven't had a #1 pick go this far off the rails for years.
  • I'm 3-2 in three leagues as my mediocrity continues. I won in the EOC league but that took performances from Forte and D. Thomas that are not likely to happen again this year.

    It was nice to see D. Thomas get up off the floor too even though I'm not a huge believer in that guys talent.

  • edited October 2014

    I haven't had a #1 pick go this far off the rails for years.

    I kept bitching and moaning about wanting to be at the back of the draft order in all of my leagues this year. This season has cemented that strategy in my mind. I'd rather invest in two people than that "clear cut" #1.

    I didn't get #1 in any drafts thank goodness because McCoy is definitely who I would have selected at that position every time. That's a bad break, Jason. At least he isn't injured and you can still hope for a turn around because it's almost impossible to bench him.
  • edited October 2014
    After Brady's collapse in week 4, I made a rash decision to trade Larry Donnell for Alex Smith last week. I kind of regretted it because of all the hype about Donnell, but I felt like I needed another QB, and I've got Greg Olsen. It worked out for me this week as Donnell got ZERO points, though Smith actually underperformed Brady. We'll see how that works out going forward.

    Did I mention I'm 5-0?

    Let's see Greg... what hardcovers are missing from my collection. Hmmmmm?

    And here's a pirate: :ar!
  • I dropped Brady in another league
    He's all over the place
    I'd rather have someone consistent

    Maybe not Alex smith consistent but I understand the move

    You gotta move some assets to stay on top

    I'm taking offers for Foles btw ;)
  • thanks for giving me the goose-egg with Donnell this week :P
  • Congrats to Jon who kicked my butt. Stafford has completely sank two of my teams. Calvin needs to get healthy ASAP.

    Is this going to be our catch all NFL thread?

    Either way, I don't know who these Dallas Cowboys are but this is a lot of fun. If it wasn't for the two bone headed special teams plays it would have been even more one sided. The Cowboys were man handling those cats and keeping Wilson inside the pocket.

    With four minutes left we ran the ball right down their throat and then took their last chance away from them.

    After the last ten years I don't even know how to react or feel about my team playing like this.
  • Surely this is the end times
  • Well so much for that trade helping me out. Ugh.
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  • I swear I didn't know!
  • edited October 2014
    Both of my teams continue to be garbage, and now they're also getting hurt. Feels like a lost year for me, even this early. :(

    Oh, and here's a chicken: ~:>
  • Apropos of nothing . . .

    Uploaded with Imgupr
    Twitter @Vernson
  • Jon sucks !
  • seconded! ;)
  • 243 points? Balls. Jon just tied me for first.
  • Ha, Jon, starting Boobie Dixon. What a dope!

    (It takes me two weeks to score that many points...I have nothing but Boobie Dixons)
  • Proof that you don't need to make good decisions to win in fantasy sports… I benched Big Ben this week and still won :P
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