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EOC Writing challenge!

Don't remember if there was a thread like this in the old forum, but another topic here in the book club section inspired me to start this one. Maybe if these writing topics pick up we can carve out or own little section. THE WRITER'S BLOCK?(Get it? ;) )

So in the same vein as The EOC Sketchbook challenge, I want to do a Writing challenges thread. Every month I will present a writing challenge or topic and you guys take it away and do your thing.

December's challenge (late, I know).

Write a story or complete narrative using nothing but dialogue.

I'll start I wrote this some time ago for another website that gave me the same challenge.


“Okay, I'm in the car. I'll see you there and don't worry I have the doohickey to show me how to get there. “
“Ok, let's see how we get there.”
“Calculating destination.”
“Ah, There we go.”
“You will reach your destination in 30 minutes. "
“Not a bad ride”
“Recalculating destination”
"New destination set. Rerouting"
"What the hell?"
"I have set your new course. Your previous course was dull, straight, and ultimately unsatisfactory for your life journey. Turn left"
"What? I don't understand. What new course? Where are..."
"Trust me. Turn left."
"No! This is crazy!"
"Trust me"
"Trust me"
"Trust me. I will take you there. You will be happy."
"Happiness IS a destination. Is it not? Trust me. Turn left."
"You have reached your destination."
"This path does not separate you from happiness. The road you travel is equally part of your destination. You understand?"
"You have reached your destination."

There you have it. Hope you guys participate. Would love to see what y'all got. Enjoy and have fun with it. Peace.

The Dildonater


  • "Look, man. Just wait....just listen to me, okay? Just listen. We never meant to hurt you..."

    "Don't speak for her."

    "No, listen, I never wanted to hurt you. I've known you forever, man. You're like my brother."

    "You think that makes it better?"

    "You don't want to do this. Listen, you don't want to do this. We've known each other since we were kids!"

    "You think ANY of it makes this better?!"

    "I fucked up, man, I know that, and I'm sorry. I'm SO sorry. Please..."

    "Don't beg."



    "I should never have done it! I know that! You're the last person on Earth I'd want to hurt!"

    "Did she tell you she loves you?"

    "What? It doesn't matter, none of it matters....please, Jesus, no, no, no, listen!"

    "I asked you a fucking question! Don't tell me what matters and what doesn't matter because you took what mattered to me and you stabbed it and mutilated it until there is nothing, NOTHING left!"

    "I, yes, fuck man, yes, she did. And I told her. And I do. I love her. I'm sorry, but I love her."

    "You wanted something you couldn't have and so you took it. That isn't love."

    "I would never have wasn't on purpose. It happened. I regret it every single day..."

    "Oh, you regret it. Every day you have fucking REGRETS. I guess I should be apologizing to you, then, huh? Should I apologize?"

    "No, listen, please that's not what I meant."

    "Please, please."

    "I'm sorry!"

    "You stood there on my wedding day and smiled and pretended..."

    "No! C'mon, man, I was your best man! I was happy for you! I...."

    "You did this."

    "No, no, listen, just listen, please, just listen to me..."

    "I didn't do this. You did this. You went to the store..."

    "I've always been there for you! I'm sorry, so sorry that I fucked this up, but I love you!"

    "You bought the gun. I didn't buy the gun."

    "You can't do this! Please, this isn't you. You're my best friend!"

    "You loaded the gun..."

    "Christ, man, please, please, please, please, please"

    "You pulled the trigger."
  • Nice! That was intense.
    The Dildonater
  • Awesome thread Franky, tried to do something like this on the old boards, but it fizzled. Digging your take on it. Looking forward to jumping in!

    Nice one Farrell.
    Lost on the path of good intentions...
  • Thanks @TurnerAsher. Can't wait to see wait you offer up.

    Also guys keep in mind there is no real deadline as of right now for any of these challenges. The creative flow can take it's sweet ass time, sometimes. So if it's February and you still want to contribute to the December challenge, then go for it.

    And don't worry January's Challenge is gonna be super easy ;)
    The Dildonater
  • January's Challenge! Keep in mind that December entries are still welcomed.

    January's Challenge

    Write a complete story using only three sentences.

    Told you it would be an easy one.

    I'll start off

    I Smile...

    I smile at the memory of seeing a spirit who appeared at my bedroom window, telling me to not cross the street at the corner of Eighth Ave.

    I smile at that memory of the accident on eighth that I was spared from.

    I smile as I press the button on my time machine and enter my memory.
    The Dildonater
  • edited January 2015
    Crinkling his blinds, Harold peeked out at the street from his dim apartment.

    A bearded, mumbling man pushed a wobbling shopping cart past two little girls who were laughing and splashing through the rain puddles glistening in the street, past a woman with grease-slicked pants and a wrench crouched beside a motorcycle, unsteadily around a collie rushing to join the girls in play, and off into the unseen distance.

    Harold pressed the blinds carefully closed, went into the bathroom, and drew his very last bath.
  • He silently crumbled his betting slip in his hand, shaking after what had just happened.

    The horse had fallen at the last hurdle... he was so close.

    He trudged home in the snow thinking only of the disappointment he would soon see on his kid's face.


    Well I never tired anything like this before (but I certainly read threads like this) so if I haven't made too bad a stab at this I'll be back. Then again I'll read this later and think it blows.

    Enjoyed all entries so far, like I said if I don't contribute I'll read so keep it up guys it's a great idea.
  • edited March 2015
    It begins off in the dark as a clash of hands becomes a roar. Then backs are bent and lights are raised as a curtain is dropped to the floor. Though muffiled by cloth a single word is heard "encore".

    Well that was flowery :)
  • Sleep is missing and cries fill the night. Prodigy's soul cracking howl drives father to the brink and illicits crazed, unnatural schemes. Suckle on hairy nipple and silence -- any sane man shudders, but broken man rests,
  • Do we have a March Challenge?
    Lost on the path of good intentions...
  • Do we have a March Challenge?

    I'm guessing probably not since your post is the first for almost a year. Come up with something, if you feel like it, and I'll try to participate.
  • edited March 2016
    Shit, I clearly wasn't paying attention to the dates on the posts; I must've been too excited when I saw the topic to notice.

    Okay, 202 words, recount a real or made-up dream or nightmare.

    Lost on the path of good intentions...
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