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Show off your Statues and Busts

edited December 2014 in The End Cap
Ok lets see everybody's Inaction Figures, statues, busts etc.

Since we cant spoiler tag in the first post I'll add pics in the second



  • So here are most of mine, I'm lucky enough to have an almost 7' tall display case and yeah I really need to add 1 more shelf.

    Show Spoiler

    On the top I put bigger game stuff. I still need to add the Skyrim Dragon and Marcus from Gears 3
    Top of Case photo 0_zps7bb16266.jpg

    Everything else is in a "where it fits" system. Except Iron Man stuff. That stays together. Now to get Space, Hydro and Hulk Buster armors. And his villains

    Shelf 1 front photo 1f_zpsbc6b3c68.jpg
    Shelf 1 side photo 1s_zps7a800fc1.jpg

    Shelf 2 front photo 2f_zps718566be.jpg
    Shelf 2 side photo 2s_zpsc37878cc.jpg

    Shelf 3 front photo 3f_zps8c524e25.jpg
    Shelf 3 side photo 3s_zpsd74fc8a3.jpg

    Shelf 4 front photo 4f_zps2944922b.jpg
    Shelf 4 side photo 4s_zps35a27177.jpg

    Shelf 5 photo 5f_zpsa1a50d6b.jpg

    And a couple of Disney villains.
    Disney photo dis_zpsdfeac8f1.jpg
  • Those are sweet! I didn't realize GW ever made any statues of the Tau.
    Lost on the path of good intentions...
  • I love these threads.

    I used to have A LOT more, but many are in my home in the USA, and others I have sold over the years.

    Show Spoiler
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    -G. K. Chesterton
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