11 O’Clock Comics Episode 500

Hey, true believers! Almost six hours of glorious reflection coming at you like Prince Tuftan on a Kirbyesque adventure. Somehow, someway, you’ve tolerated our meandering and pontificating for 500 episodes and nearly 10 years. This week, we celebrate the achievement and take a walk down memory lane with a handful of special guests, fun discussions, and historic callbacks. It’s the old and the new. Plus, the return of listener VOICEMAILS!

VinceB Audio Collage: Dialog overlaid on Maniac’s Theme (Main Titles) by Jay Chattaway
Thunder Kiss ’65 by White Zombie
Outro: Chromatics with Shadow

  • Russell Smith

    6 hours?!? Sounds like a WUMBA-sized episode! Congratulations, gents!

  • Christopher Barber

    Hey guys! I haven’t listened to the episode yet. I want to wait until I have the time to enjoy the awesomeness of the installment in its’ entirety; but I did want to say congratulations on reaching 500. I started listening because I had no one in my circle of friends who shared my love for the medium, and even though I don’t know you I like to think it’s like listening to my friends every week. Thank you again, and here’s to 500 more.

  • Gianci

    Congratulations guys! I’ve listened to you through the last 10 years and like I am sure with lots of listeners, been a constant in my life through the good times and bad. You guys are the absolute best!