11 O’Clock Comics Episode 480

The great Skottie Young sits in to help us deliver our 2017 HeroesCon recap with style, reminiscing at length on Jonathan Hickman, Neal Adams, James Harren, Terry Dodson, Jasons Aaron and Latour, Fabian Nicieza, Jim Rugg, Daniel Warren Johnson, Aaron Conley, Erik Larsen, Mike Huddleston, Darryl Banks, Chris Visions, Andrew Robinson, DMC, Khari Randolph, Felix Lu, and a whole mess more!

Intro: Childish Gambino with Redbone
Outro: World Wide Suicide by Pearl Jam

  • mc900

    Excellent recap.
    Since Jason brought it up- I would be curious what kind of mics everyone is using.
    Vince always sounds the most immediate and full – Dap second and Jason often sounds like he’s using the built in laptop mic. And let me be clear the Jason’s analysis is often my favorite part of the show- but a mic upgrade there might be money well spent.

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