Heroes Con Panels

Hey Everyone! As most of you know, your three amigos will be descending to Charlotte to attend the fantastic Heroes Con. For David and Jason, this will be the third time in four years. For Vince, this will be his virgin voyage (be gentle!). We’re road tripping down to the show, which means lots of video and audio shenanigans. Rest assured, we’ll share plenty with you on this site and on the podcast feed. And we’ll have a lot more stuff (think of it as a weekend-in-the-life of the EOC Trio) for our Patreon Patrons.

As a thank you to Shelton Drum, Rico Renzi and Andy Mansell — three of Heroes’ key organizers — we’re moderating three panels this year. If you’re planning on being at the show, it would mean a TON to have you participate. If not, take look at the details and by all means send along your thoughts on topics or questions you would want to hear us discuss if you were attending. Thanks!

Friday, June 16th @ 3:30 PM
ROOM 208

Two of the most unlikely superstars and their pioneer creators FABIAN NICIEZA and TERRY DODSON are joined by JASON WOOD (The 11 O’Clock Comics podcast) to talk about the genesis and the rise in popularity of everyone’s favorite violent misanthropes. Come Monday morning, this will be the panel everyone is talking about!

Saturday, June 17th @ 11:30 AM
ROOM 209/210

Heroes Con has become one of the preeminent shows for original art collecting. Join JASON WOOD of the 11 O’Clock Comics podcast as he leads a discussion about comic art collecting in its many forms. He’ll be joined by FELIX LU, Owner of Felix Comic Art (and a renowned collector in his own right), artist DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON (one of the most in demand commission artists on the planet and also an avid collector) and DR. JEFF SINGH (one of the premier collections of any kind) as they lead a collaborative, audience-driven conversation about the world of original art.

Sunday, June 18th @ 12:00 PM
ROOM 206

With interests in comics and comics’ culture reaching new heights, and the convention scene exploding, many of the industry’s creators have turned to merchandising their art and ideas to create a broader, more resilient income stream. Join Jason Wood (the 11 O’Clock Comics podcast) in a discussion with four of the industry’s most innovative merchandisers: ANDREW MCLEAN, RICO RENZI, JIM MAHFOOD, and SARAH DYER to discuss how they’ve monetized their artistic efforts beyond the comic book page.