11 O’Clock Comics Episode 472

In our first Bronze Age Special we cover The Power of…Warlock! #1-4 by Roy Thomas, Mike Friedrich, Gil Kane, John Buscema, and Tom Sutton, Manhunter by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson, Supernatural Thrillers #3 by Robert E. Howard, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Gil Kane, and Ernie Chan, World’s Finest #226 featuring Batman, Superman and Metamorpho, Eclipso, Sandman and Sandy, Robotman, Deadman, and Martian Manhunter by Bob Haney, Dick Dillin, Tex Blaisdell, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, Alex Toth, Carmine Infantino, Jim Miller, Neal Adams, and company, The Brave and the Bold #198: Batman and Karate Kid by Mike Barr, Chuck Patton, Rick Hoberg, and Adrienne Roy, and a little Frank Miller, Guardians of the Galaxy, Daniel White, Dean Motter’s Mr. X, All Time Comics’ Bullwhip #1, Felix Comic Art, and Weapon X #3 on the side!

Intro: Homegrown by Neil Young
Outro: Omar Rodríguez-López with Violet Rays Again

  • derekg

    This was a great episode! I’m down to listen to you guys cover the best (and weirdest) of yesteryear anytime.
    You made that World’s Finest issue sound so great that I had to track a copy down.
    Good on ya!

  • Garry Whitehead

    Great episode, and then… holy s**t the website has interviews, artwork, I can look at images you are discussing without doing an image search! Totally brilliant, well done to you all. Doing a monthly special would be sweet, especially for ‘older’ listeners 😉

  • Ramiro Amorena

    Love this podcast, it would be great to have a once a month Bronze episode!