Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer: QnD Thoughts

I’m totally not trying to be the guy who reviews trailers, but, I suppose, fair is fair and as much as I love me some DC and their heroes, Spider-Man can pretty much be considered the one who brought me to the dance, and, well, do I really need reason to be write about the character?

Since you know I’m all about being against spoilers, you might wonder why I’d watch trailers. And there are times when I won’t. There are times when after the first one (or two) I won’t watch anything else about the movie until my ass is in the seat at the theater. But, this is Spider-Man. This is one of those things where I kind of need to see where we’re headed, to see which of the many Spider-Man stories and eras and versions of characters are going to be used and blended together to make something new.

When Spider-Man: Homecoming premieres it will be 15 years, 2 months, and 4 days since the first Spider-Man feature film was released. Since 2002 we’ve had Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland play Peter Parker and his alter-ego (as of right now, Garfield has been my favorite. Holland impressed me plenty with his introduction in Captain America: Civil War, but I’ll wait to see what he does during an entire movie before I rank him on the list). Some might say that’s a bit excessive, but it is show BUSINESS.

So, did the trailer show too much?

First, the good:

  • There are some funny lines. It should be filled with humor. It’s Spider-Man.
  • The suit looks good. But it’s designed by Tony Stark so it should.
  • The phrase “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” is uttered.
  • Michael Keaton pulls off the dude who looks like he can back up his threats. I definitely hear him saying “You want to get nuts? Come on! Let’s get nuts.”
  • Tony’s appearance reminds me Cap was right.
  • The look of it all. It’s bright and seems optimistic. On the flip side, it’s dark and menacing when we see what our hero’s adversaries are up to. I like that.

And the not so good:

  • It’s not quite humor-filled enough for me. Or maybe it tries too hard. It’s weird. It doesn’t have that right mix I’d expect.
  • I’m not sure about the look of the Vulture. That’s definitely a wait to pass judgment until you see the finished product deal.
  • It shows too much of some things (Tony Stark) and not enough of other things (“everyone” Peter loves in that not-so-subtly implied threat).
  • It looks like Spider-Man’s identity is revealed to the enemy. Again.
  • It seems to be all about the suit. And Peter Parker is more than that.

(Something that should have no bearing on the trailer because it’s irrelevant to it, but still seeps its way into my mind: the conversations between Peter and Tony reminds me of Iron-Spider and Peter being influenced by Tony before and during the Civil War limited series.)

While I may not agree the trailer gave away too much, I think we can tell the beats that are going to get hit. Tony doesn’t think Peter’s ready, Peter has to give up the suit, Peter becomes the Scarlet Spider(-Man), Peter defeats the bad guy to prove he’s worthy of the suit, not only to Tony, but, and more importantly, to himself as well.

All this said, I’m still going to see it. I’ll be there, without a doubt, no hesitation. I’ve seen enough now to know what to expect. I like that things are just different enough with some familiarity sprinkled in. So this’ll likely be the last Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer I’ll watch before I see the movie in July. Five-thousand, four-hundred, and forty-four days since I saw the first Spider-Man movie in the theater.

Let me know what you’re hoping to see in the movie by sending me an email or leave a comment below. You can also find me on Twitter. And let us know if you’re interested in reading short, topical reviews in the future.